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Mark Eaglen is a multi disciplinary artist exploring relationships of Art, Science, Technology and Nature.

He has exhibited nationally and internationally, employing a range of processes dependent upon the nature of the ideas being explored.  Through the ongoing exploration of inspirations across current scientific theory, technological discovery and observational reflection, these sources continue to shape responsive experimental enquiry across a range of media and content.

Previous developments have explored the nature of video feedback* in regard to the process, aesthetics and concepts raised. This has highlighted visual and behavioural associations found between the natural world and technological systems, alongside the reciprocal roles of the transmitter and receiver.

The discoveries found within transitional states of feedback have informed evolving works in sculpture, holography, installation and time-based media. These often engage traditional processes alongside developments in technology, leading enquiries into data manipulation, responsive forms, interactive works and the playful exploration of concepts through open narratives.

Key developments have kindly been supported and enabled by the Arts Council of Wales within residencies, public engagement, solo and group exhibitions. This has resulted in works longlisted for the International Emerging Artist Award in Dubai, the Lumen Art Prize and the Aesthetica Art Prize, with work published within the Future Now 100 artists anthology selected from over 3500 entries.

He is cofounder of studioMADE with Angela Davies, a cross disciplinary studio and gallery space. Alongside his artistic practice, he has maintained an active role within Arts education for over fifteen years, lecturing on a range of undergraduate courses.

*Video feedback- The act of a video camera’s live output being fed back into the video camera as a live input